Season Three, Episode 3
Air date April 5, 2013
Written by Marsha Griffin
Directed by Todd Waterman
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Scattered Rebellion

Ultra Magnus arrives just as the Decepticons unleash the ultimate Autobot hunter.


After Predaking comes thought the Space Bridge, Megatron is impressed and allows the Predacon to hunt down the Autobots. Shockwave gives him some of Wheeljack's Energon so he could track the Autobots down.

Wheeljack, Bulkhead, and Miko plant explosives at a Decepticon Mine to send a signal to the near Autobots and Probably for a pay back for destroying their base. Meanwhile, Ralph, Bumblebee, and Ratchet work on getting the Harbinger's systems back online. Arcee Introduces Jack to Ultra Magnus, who came to Earth following a signal that originated for Cybertron. He happen to locates five of the Autobots' life signals. (leaving out Optimus and Smokescreen because their signals are shielded) 

Smokescreen head to Darkmount to find the Forge of Solus Prime to help fix Optimus. He decides to look in to the Decepticon Warship, the Nemesis. Using  the Phase Shifter he the enters the room containing Airachnid and Forge of Solus Prime. He steals the Forge and heads back to Optimus.

Wheeljack, Bulkhead, and Miko have set up the explosives and prepare to destroy the Decepticon Mine, when a large flying reptile attacks them. After dodging his flaming fire balls attacks, Wheeljack sets off a grenade under the Dragon. One grenade hard damage it so, Wheeljack leads it to the grenade trap. After quickly leaving, he detonates the bombs. Amazingly he survives the blast, and would have attacked a again if they weren't save by Ultra Magnus. Unfortunately, they were still being attacked and pursued by Predaking. After many attempts the shake it of their ship, Ultra Magnus knocks it of the ship by hit onto a cliff.

Ratchet make a risky call to Agent Fowler using the Harbinger's frequencies to tell them their coordinates. The Bumblebee interrupter informing of an arriving ship. Ratchet surprised to see an Autobot ship with their allies and Lt. Ultra Magnus.

The Predacon returns back to Darkmount empty handed and Starscream comments the the poor mindless creature can't tell them what went wrong. Surprisingly, it growled just afterwards.

Ratchet reports that their Ground Bridge is operable and unfortunately the ship's communication link need work to be compatible with their frequencies. Then, Agent Fowler and Jack's mom shows up. They wonder where Smokescreen is at but, Ultra Magnus's ship sensors didn't pick him up. Ultra Magnus, the new temporary commander give the team better weapons to help them stop Megatron.

Smokescreen brings the forge back to the damaged Optimus Prime. Optimus says the Forge's power isn't unlimited and must be used to fix the Omega Lock and that it is more in portent than anyone including him. Smokescreen said if he dies no one could use it since only a prime can use its power. Optimus believing there is to be a new leader and believes it is Smokescreen.