Nemesis (Prime)
The Nemesis in the Decepticons warship and the alt mode of Trypticon.





After Darkmount was built, The Nemesis was docked at at their new base.[1] However, they still use it to for storage. Smokescreen entered the ship looking for the Forge of Solus Prime to repair Optimus Prime with it.[2] Later, the ship's communication dish was damaged by Predaking and Starscream.[3]

Later, Starscream and Knock Out accidentally released a Zombie Plague aboard the ship, while experimenting with Synthetic Energon and Dark Energon. Their test patient, Cylas got out a spread it to the Decepticons. The plague was stopped after Cylas was eliminated and the Decepticons used Shockwave's plan to make use the plague was gone.[4]


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