Jack Darby


Vital Statistics
Alias Jackson Darby
Species Human
Other Info
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
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Jackson 'Jack' Darby was just a 16 year old, regular teenager, who wanted a Motorcycle ever since he was a little kid until he meet Arcee after work. Now he is a human ally of Team Prime

Physical Appearance

Personality and Traits


Autobot EncounterEdit

After a hard day of work, he sees a beautiful motorcycle and can't resist the urge to get on. While on the bike, he states eventually he'll save up enough money to have just like this. Then is seen by a classmate and her friend caught off guard, he starts stumbling on his words. Unknown to him, the bike is being chased by Vehicons and leaves with him on it after being spotted by the Vehicons. After a brief chase, it let him get off, but then he had to get back on to avoid a Vehicon. The chase to them into a canal, where Raf was racing a remote-control car. After the Vehicons were dealt with, he returned to normal life.

After school, Jack and Raf meet outside to building. They both decided to keep their yesterday's adventure the themselves. To their amazement, the robots the saw yesterday return to take the two of them to the Autobot HQ, but they had to take three after Arcee was seen again. Back at the base, Optimus told them about the hold Cybertronian war.[1]

TBA [edit]

TBA [edit]