The Autobots unveils a generator that will supply Cybertron with energy forever. (If Grimlock can turn it on.) Elsewhere, two creatures paid by Galvatron to dumping anti-electrons into their generator. Galvatron plans to force the Autobots off Cybertron using Anti-elections.

Many Autobots near and on Cybertron begin to malfunction. Perceptor locates the source of problem is that the master generator deep within Cybertron. Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, and Kup with Perceptor's map head to the master Generator to investigate the problem. While in the tunnels, Grimlock ruins their map causing them to split up. Near the generator, Rodimus begins to glitch. Meanwhile,Grimlock and Kup find the master generator, but Kup starts having problems, making Grimlock the only one able to turn the machine off. While turning it off, he begins to speak properly, uses a wider vocabulary, gain more intelligence. After Grimlock saves Rodimus and Ultra Magnus, they happen to see Ratbat leaving to report what he saw to Galvatron.

Back on the surface of Cybertron, Grimlock said that the Anti-electrons were causing them to malfunction surprising the Autobots, when Perceptor said he was right. Ratbat informs Galvatron of the anti-electrons were destroyed. Then, Galvatron goes to Unicron's head to obtain more. The Autobots then stop his plan by also heading to Unicron. After Galvatron's Anti-electron attack fails, He sends the Terrorcons after them. Grimlock creates Nosecone to help drill a passage to Unicron's brain. Somewhere within Unicron, Cyclonus and Scourge retrieve more Anti-Electrons, but awakes Unicron and his defense systems. Strafe, another robot built by Grimlock transforms and takes out the defenses. Back on the Surface, the Autobots are have a hard time stopping the Terrorcons. Grimlock also creates Lightspeed, Afterburner, and Scattershot to help fight off the Terrorcons. Grimlock gives his super smarts to Computron so they could stop Abominus.

After the Autobots Defeated the Decepticons, Rodimus held a ceremony for the new generator, to welcome the Technobots, and to Thank Grimlock. (Who was not there because he was with the rest of the Dinobots.)