War For Cybertron (DS Version)Edit

Laser GuardEdit

File:Laser Guard(Decepticon) .jpg
Laser Guard (Autobot)


Laser Guards Are Found In All Levels In Autobots And Decepticons. Easily Destroyed By Plasma


This turrets can have Different Weaknesses. (Solid, Plasma, Laser) These have looks that differ. The ones in the Decepticon Version has them Red looking and the Autobot Version has them as purple.
Laser = Plasma
Ball looking = Solid
If it shoots rockets is more damaging to shoot Laser



This Is where they spawn from.


Swarms can Easily Be Destroyed and they can easily destroy you over time. Small Swarm Once Destroyed, give 100 XP. Large swarms are in a moving hive that can be easily destroyed by Solid. Then two Small Swarms come out. Large Swarms 1000 XP.

Melee SpecialistEdit

Decepticon melee specialist

Seen in Autobot levels

Autobot Melee Specialist

Seen in Decepticon Levels

If You Don't watch them, those over sized back scratcher do hurt.

Shield TurretsEdit

The Easy to destroy the shield then they just another turret. 

Ground CrawlerEdit

Ground Crawler (WFC)
This is a Ground Crawler found in both versions of War For Cybertron (DS) by Activision. They crawl around on a path can aren't dangerous they can create a force shield and can shoot then. It is very damaging to use Plasma Attack on them. Once Destroyed, they give 800 XP.

Grenade TurretEdit

They can really pack a punch. Be very careful near them because you will be knocked off your feet when the grenade goes off. Once destroyed, they give 1500 XP. They are Easily Destroyed by Laser.

Artillery SpecialistEdit

Once destroyed, they give 2100 XP. They can fly and shoot at you. Must be destroyed to lower that chances of you failing the mission.

Shield TankEdit

If it shoots rockets is more damaging to shoot Laser
Shoots Laser (Thin long blast) = Plasma (Ball shaped blast)
Shoots Plasma (Ball shaped blast) = Solid
Once destroyed, they give 1500 XP.


If You want you enemies to stat out you must take those out first. Plus if that can't heal, they'll shoot you. They don't last long to Solid attacks. Once destroyed, they give 2400 XP.


Once destroyed, they give 2100 XP.


(WFC) Decepticon Captain
The Decepticon Captain looks black and the Autobot Version looks like a white version of Galvatron. Once destroyed, they give 2500 XP. The Best way to Destroy them is to run at them and Melee Attack them.