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Decepticon Symbol(G1)
"The Decepticons originated as a line of non-living military hardware robots, in their factory, Cybertron. They created by the Quintessons. The Autobots , the decedents of the consumer goods robots also made by the Quintessons."

—G1 Cartoon

Freedom from the QuintessonsEdit

The Quintessons didn't understand was that their robots wanted freedom. Some robots challenged the Quintessons eventually, they drove away from Cybertron.

Beginning of a New WarEdit

After the Quintessons left, peace began on Cybertron, but not for long. The Decepticons brought war to them.The Autobots knew the could never defeat them with strength so they turned to stealth and invented the art of Transforming. In time the Decepticons learned how to transform.


Information from G1 Cartoon