Darkness Rising, Part 1
Season One, Episode One
Air date November 26, 2010
Written by Duane Capizzi
Directed by David Hartman
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Optimus Prime and the Autobots find signs of the Decepticons returning after being gone for three years and become responsible to protest a group of human who have become involved in their conflict.


Cliffjumper was talking to Arcee about how he was messing with local law enforcement when he stumbled on a Energon mine. The Decepticon Warship files over head and a bunch Vehicons come out causing Cliffjumper to call for back up. Cliffjumper chooses to fight them, but some of their shots miss him and hit the Energon causing an explosion. The surviving Vehicons drag the defeat Cliffjumper back to the ship. The angry Starscream (Prime) decides to kill their prisoner.

The Autobots arrive at the mine only to find a piece of Cliffjumper's horn. Ratchet finds that his life signal went offline. On the Nemesis, Soundwave reports about Cliffjumper's talk with Arcee and Starscream plans her to be their next target. Meanwhile, Autobots mourn the death of Cliffjumper and Arcee drives away to keep her mind off of the death.

In the city, she realizes that she is being followed by some Decepticons, so she parks herself. Jack Darby happen to see an amazing motorcycle and sits down on her and starts dreaming about owning one. The two Vehicon spot Arcee, so she takes off with Jack on her. The chase takes them to the highway where Bumblebee helps them. Nearby in a canal, Raf was racing a remote-controlled car when Arcee followed by some Decepticons dropped in. Raf chooses to draw the cons's attraction but it worked too well forcing them to hide. Arcee and Bumblebee again fight until being assisted by Bulkhead who scares off the cons.

Back at the Autobot HQ, Optimus tells the team that Decepticons will believe those humans were allies and they would be in danger. After high school, Jack and Raf meet up again, and Bumblebee and Arcee came to take them to the HQ. Raf hops in Bumblebee while Jack wall toward Arcee. Outside, Miko was drawing the "coolest bike ever" when she was interrupted by a phone call. Noticing that the bike was gone, she looks around the corner and see Arcee talking to Jack. Arcee then takes two humans back to the base to talk to Prime. He explain their origin and that he fear that Megatron will return.

Elsewhere, Soundwave picks up transmissions and opens the Space Bridge. Out of it comes Megatron.
To be continued...