Darkmount, NV
Season Three, Episode One
Air date March 22nd, 2013
Written by Marsha Griffin
Directed by Shaunt Nigoghossian
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Darkest Hour Scattered

Team Prime is dispersed and searching for each other, and the Decepticons settle at their new base, Darkmount. Elsewhere, Smokescreen rescues Optimus from the wreckage of the Autobot base.


The Decepticons search the remands of the Autobot's base and Starscream search Wheeljack's ship, the Jackhammer and finds Wheeljack. Under Megatron's orders, he is taken back to Darkmount for interrogation. While the Decepticons have found the Forge of Solus Prime and Airachnid, not far away, Smokescreen brings Optimus to an underground cavern using the Phase Shifter. Meanwhile, Megatron orders Soundwave to monitor all communication networks. Starscream spots an an coming human attack team and offers to send an armada. Megatron instead decides to use their base's new cannons, which devastate to human forces.

Megatron contacts Agent Fowler warning him not to the Decepticons operations and that he mean to harm and want to co exist on Earth. Starscream states that he almost believed Megatron's deception. Meanwhile, Fowler reports to his supervisor that the evacuation of Jasper, NV was completed and he has a cover story in place, but the military want to retaliate. June Darby, who is working as a medic on the a base comes in to ask if Fowler has heard any word from the others and he reminds her the contacting them would give away their location.

On a road, a Vehicon scans cars searching for the Autobots, but fails to recognize Bumblebee after his to new paint job. Raf and Bee discuss how to find the other and decide to keep driving towards Jasper. Up in the Rockies, Bulkhead and Miko head towards the Wrecker meeting spot in hopes of meeting up with Wheeljack.

Back at Darkmount, Starscream's interrogation tactics yield no information. Megatron sends Knock Out to Cybertron to recover the relics lost during battle.

Down in the underground cavern, Optimus stirs awake and Smokescreen tells him how he rescued him, but returning back after the evacuation and used to Phase Shifter to get him out. Smokescreen was going to find Ratchet to help Prime, but Optimus stopped, stating there was No hope.

Jack and Arcee stop and sees a helicopter. When Arcee leave to investigate, Jack decides to send a text message to his mom. Unfortunately, it was picked put by Soundwave and a force of Decepticons are dispatched to they location. When Jack puts up his phone, He sees to con coming at him. Arcee realizes the helicopter is civilian and sees to explosions returns to save Jack. They rig a gas station to explode the get rid of the Vehicon and Laserbeak so they can escape.

On Cybertron, Knock Out's search yields the Decepticon with the Apex Armor and something else. Back on Earth, Soundwave examines Laserbeak trying to retrieve surveillance data, when Knock Out's call comes though. Knock Out returns triumphantly though the Space Bridge with the Apex Armor and... Shockwave!!!