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Apex Armor (Prime)

The Apex Armor is a Iacon Relic. In the form of a disk, until one puts it on their chest, it expands in to full body protection. It enables to wearer to any attacks, from blasters, bombs or melee weapons as well as enhance the wearer's strength. It's only known weakness is the Phase Shifter.


The Apax Armor was stored in the Vaults at Iacon until in was ejected and arrived at Antarctic to keep it away from Megatron. It's location a discovered by the Nemesis while it gained sentience.[1] Megatron sent Dreadwing to obtain the relic, while Optimus left to obtain it too. While the two were fighting, Starscream when to clam to prize for himself. Once the two realized Starscream was wearing the Apex Armor, they teamed up and used Dreadwing's explosives to send him under the ice.[2] Later Starscream brought the Armor to help him acquire some Red Energon. He lost it when Smokescreen arrived and used the Phase Shifter to knock him out of it and took it back to the base.[3]

It was later used again by Starscream to protect himself from Predaking. (Though it didn't stop him from get bash and tosses around.) Later, he stills wears the armor while on his mission to get the fossil. To prove to the Vehicons that he wasn't afraid of the 'beast', he takes off the armor and places it on a rock. Miko actives the armor and uses it the pound the Decepticons until the Predacon returned with the fossil and started to "play" with her. After seeing the arrival of more Autobots, Starscream was forced to abandon his armor to the Autobots and retreat.[4]

Known UsersEdit


  • When Arcee used it, it looks to have taken a more feminine appearance.
  • Starscream states it is an Armor of Decepticon origin. Which makes sense, because Decepticon weapons were confiscated and stored in Iacons vault.
  • Humans can wear the Apex Armor.[5]


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