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Airachnid (Prime)

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Vital Statistics
Alias None
Species Cybertronian
Rank Soldier
Status Online
Other Info
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation Decepticon
Enemies Arcee, Autobots

Airachnid is a cold hearted Decepticon assassin. She enjoys collecting souvenirs of their lifeforms from other planets. She also happens to have a long past with Arcee.



Back on Cybertron, She a torture specialist aligned with the Decepticons. She also captured and tortured Arcee. To gain information, she made Arcee an offer: Tell her the information, or Tailgate, Arcee's Partner, dies! Unfortunately, Arcee din't know and Airachnid killed Tailgate and was about to kill Arcee but, Cliffjumper and Bumblebee rescued her. After leaving Cybertron she went solo and started collecting endangered species.

TBA Information is coming soon [edit]

TBA Information is coming soon [edit]

The Decepticons found her stasis pod among the Autobot base wreckage,[1] and they place it aboard the Nemesis in the vault. Later, Smokescreen bumps in to her in the stasis pod, while searching for Forge of Solus Prime.[2]


Cylas, who is a Terrorcon Zombie, walks into the Nemesis's vault and finds her stasis pod. Sensing the Energon inside, he opens it planing the suck her dry of her Energon. She awakens and quickly avoid his tongue and terminates what she thinks in Breakdown, who she killed sometime ago. She rips open Breakdowns chest and plans to make sure she finish him, by removing his spark, but to her surprise, she finds Silas and thanks him for her freedom. She then calls the Insecticons and brings them back under her control. Her first order is for them to kill every Decepticon about the Nemesis. She sees Soundwave and lead them to kill him, but the give Space Bridge to Cybertron's moon.